About Us

Our Principles:

We believe a just resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the key to Middle East peace.  We support policies that promote peace, justice, security and equal rights for all Palestinians and Israelis.

  • Support direct negotiations between the elected leadership of Palestine and Israel.
  • Provide leadership to initiate and sustain negotiations between Palestine and Israel to achieve a just peace with a one or two state solution.
  • Stop the export of all weapons and military aid to Israel and Palestine.
  • Stop U.S. economic aid to Israel until Israel abides by agreements reached.
  • Support United Nations resolutions that charge Israel with violations of human rights, Geneva Conventions and International Laws.
  • End the Israeli occupation and control of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
  • Dismantle all structures of occupation, including: settlements, separation walls and fences, checkpoints, and road segregation.
  • End the collective punishment of Palestinians.
  • Restore basic human rights to all Palestinians – including freedom of movement, right to travel and work and uncontrolled access to electricity, food, goods, humanitarian aid, education and health care.
  • Stop the imprisonment and torture of Palestinian men, women and children.
  • Stop all Palestinian home demolitions and destruction of olive groves.
  • Provide equitable distribution of water resources to Palestinians.
  • Comply with U.N. Resolution #242, requiring withdrawal from territories occupied in the 1967 war.
  • Comply with U.N. Resolution #194 and the Geneva Conventions, which state that Palestinian refugees have the right of return.•Encourage political unity of Palestinians.

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