Get Involved

” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”
     Margaret Mead

What can you do?

Stay informed:

Search out alternative sources of information, including ours:

Inform others & Voice your concern:

Share your information with family, friends, neighbors, community leaders. Contact local Palestinian rights groups, humanitarian or peace organizations to speak at your church, library or community center.  Show films and encourage discussion groups.  Contact us for more information and suggested speakers.

Contact your local newspaper editors and media to encourage more coverage on the Palestinian issues-  how the occupation, walls, checkpoints, military strikes, Israeli control of Palestinian water, electricity, demolition of homes and segregated road systems impact the lives of Palestinians.

Contact your elected representatives on any of these issues: – End the Israeli occupation of Palestine – Stop Israel’s military strikes in Gaza – Stop United States economic and military aid to Israel – Stop demolition of Palestinian homes – Stop expansion of Israeli settlements and remove existing settlements – Remove the walls and internal checkpoints in the West Bank – Return control of Palestinian water resources to the Palestinians – Stop Israel’s imprisonment and torture of Palestinians

  1. White House Line:  Phone: 202-456-1111 Fax: 202-456-2461
  2. Secretary of State Line: Phone: 202-647-6575
  3. Members of Congress: US Capitol switchboard will connect you to any Congressman’s office: 800-711-0053 202-224-3121

MN Senator Al Franken (St Paul)                      651-221-1016        204 224-5641

MN Senator Amy Klobuchar (Mpls.)                 612-727-5220        202 224-3244

MN Rep. Tom Emmer (Wdbry)                                                            202 225-2331                        

MN Rep. Keith Ellison (Mpls.)                            612-522-1212           202 225-4755

MN Rep. John Kline (Brnslv.)                             952-808-1213           202 225-2271

MN Rep. Betty McCollum (St.Paul)                   651-224-9191             202 225-6631

MN Rep. Rick Nolan(Duluth)                                                                     202 225-6211                                                   

MN Rep. Erik Paulsen (Eden Pr.)                      952-405-8510              202 225-2871

MN Rep. Timothy Walz (Rochester)                  507-206-0642             201 225-2472

MN Collin Peterson (7th District)                       320 235-1061              202 225-2165

Middle East Peace Now has cancelled our PayPal account.  We have learned that PayPal does not allow Palestinians in Gaza and the Occupied Territories to use their services.  PayPal does, however, allow Israelis living in illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories to use their services.  Please sign the petition asking PayPal to end their discrimination against Palestinians.  For more information and to sign the petition use the following link: