Investments<br /><br /><br /> Are You investing in the Israeli occupation of Palestine?<br /><br /><br /> Check out where you are invested.<br /><br /><br /> Consider disinvesting in companies that make money from the Occupation.<br /><br /><br /> whoprofits.orgBoycotts, Divestment,Sanctions

Informational Material:

  1. MLA votes against BDS on 
  2. Activists deliver petition demanding Securities and Exchange Commission endorse disclosure laws regarding Israel bonds. Sylvia Schwarz on Jan 21, 2016

  3. The campaign against BDS is a deliberate choice to maintain the status quo, Article in Mondoweiss 2/18/14

  4. United Church of Christ Approves Divestment to Aid Palestinians (New York Times 6/15
  5. Scarlett Johansson’s SodaStream Endorsement Deal Conflicts With Charity Work, Aid Group Says”  Article
  6. “Minnesotans Call for Divestment from Israel”  Video
  7. Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign – Minnesota Break the Bonds is part of a national movement to end investment in Israel until the occupation of Palestine ends.
  8. Dearborn student government pushes ‘U’ to divest funds from Israel
  9. Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid
  10. Divest from Israel – A link to divestiture and boycott campaigns and links.Global BDS Movement – Home page of “Global BDS Movement”
  11. US Pension Fund Confirms Divestment from Israeli Firm – An article from Haazetz
  12. Divestment Watch – Home page of “Divestment Watch”
  13. End the Occupation – Home page of “End the Occupation”
  14. Top Ten Brands to Boycott – Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid
  15. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions – A page on “The Electronic Intifada”

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